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Propionic Acid

Propionic acid, also called propanic acid, is a monoprotic acid that can be found naturally in some foods and manufactured on an industrial level by the oxidation of propanal. In its pure state it is a corrosive liquid with an ocher odor. It is used to produce numerous esters, salts and other derivatives and as a preservative.

It complies with the rules of the country of origin and its use is allowed by the agreement in which the use of additives and coadjuvants is determined. For dosage and limitations, consult the NOM of the product.




Canned Goods

Dairy Cheese


Grains Starches

Sauces Dressings

Sweets Chocolate



Tambor de polietileno con 200 kg Pipas de acero inoxidable con 200 kg

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