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Levudex (Invert sugar syrup)

Is a mixture of approximately equal parts glucose and fructose, obtained by acid hydrolysis of a cane sugar solution. It is the solution to reduce sugar and achieve the desired sweetness.

It is a healthier alternative to High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) replacement.

It is 28-32% sweeter than sugar (800 g is equivalent to 1 kg of sugar), which gives us: greater performance and savings.

There is a version without sodium. Levudex K ®




Canned Goods


Grains Starches

Sauces Dressings


Sweets Chocolate


    • Levudex

Cubetas de polietileno con 25 kg Tambor de polietileno con 270 kg

    • Levudex libre de sodio

Tambor de polietileno con 270 kg

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