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40 years ago where we began our history... A history of constant improvement, of forging alliances with our clients, our distributors and with each collaborator, where together we have grown and have established ourselves as a solid and proudly Mexican company, which constantly seeks to satisfy market needs, maintaining quality and service. Thank you for joining us on this adventure!
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Defoamers are used where foaming problems exist in aqueous systems. Foam control agents are effective in acidic or alkaline media, dispersible by dilution in cold or hot water with gentle agitation. They have low viscosity and spread rapidly on foamy surfaces. They have an affinity for the air-liquid surface, destabilizing the foam lamellae, which causes the rupture of the air bubbles and the disappearance of the foam.

Virginia Dare ®




Canned Goods

Dairy Cheese

Sauces Dressings

Sweets Chocolate


    • ML-91

3.786 l

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