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Rohament (Enzymes)

It is an enzyme preparation for the degradation of cellulose and polysaccharides other than starch, such as xylans and beta glucans, which increase the viscosity in fruit juices or purees. Its best functionality is in acid pH. For fruit and vegetable processing, better functionality is obtained in combination with pectinases. For products that are going to be elaborated by distillation, these reduce the viscosity provided by carbohydrates different from the starch, which inhibit the enzymatic activity and hydrolysis of the starch, improving the degradation of this. In brewing they compensate the low quality of the malt and allow the use of other cereals such as wheat. The cellulases are derived from a strain of trichoderma reesei.




  • Rohament CL
  • Porrón de polietileno con 25 kg

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