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Gum Arabic

Gum arabic is a polysaccharide of natural origin that is extracted from the resin of sub-Saharan trees (Acacia senegal and acacia seyal) as part of the healing process of these known as gummosis. This amber resin is normally collected by hand once it is dry. Gum arabic is a substance produced by the acacias to close their wounds and thus prevent the entry of germs, etc. To produce it, it usually produces parallel and shallow longitudinal cuts of 40/60 mm. The amount obtained varies a lot between the trees (100/2000 g per tree) with an average of approximately 250 g per tree. The consumption of industrialized gum arabic can cause allergies and damage the activity of various enzymes.




Canned Goods

Dairy Cheese


Grains Starches

Meat Products

Sauces Dressings


Sweets Chocolate



  • Goma arábiga spray dried tipo MGH polvo
  • Bolsa de papel con 25 kg

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